Kim Skov-Nielsen
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"Thanks a lot again for your sharing your extremely valuable views! We're extremely happy we decided to work with you and the way you approached this, without your critical stance we wouldn't be owners of this boat right now."
- "Jumbuck" - J-109 - 15/11/18
"Thank you for your report and your continuing counsel. We do believe you have done a good job and we have been grateful throughout for your honesty."
- "Marlinger" - Grand Banks 48' Heritage, 1973 - 15/06/16
"Thank you for your help. It was a real pleasure to meet you and your work makes me sleep better after buying the boat."
- "Inspiration" - Contest 35s, 1998 - 05/07/16
"Thank you Kim. This is a fantastic report!"
- "Sanctum" - Absolute 47', 2008 - 01/06/16
"Thank you for your report which is clear and comprehensive. All your recommendations make sense. Thank you for your assistance."
- "Stephanie & Mark" - Sea Ray 555, 2000 - 03/03/16.
"You made a great job, thanks again, the money I spent with you were definitely worth. I wish we will have occasions in future."
- "BlueRay" - Custom van Der Stadt Tasman 58', 1992 - 23/01/16.
"Thank you very much for your service reguarding Balu...! We appriciate that we have the ability to contact you, if there are things we wonder about... Thank you again - we'll keep in touch..!!"
- "Balu" - Grand Banks 48' Heritage, 1972 - 10/09/15
"Your report has done the deed! Half an hour ago I received a phone call from Allianz telling us that they accept the full claim. Thank you so much."
- "Wego" - 07/01/15.
"Have to thank you again for a Great Job and thanks for being so thorough . I really appreciate that, you're a real pro, Kim, and that's pretty hard to find these days. I really appreciate the way you took care of Spock. "
- "Spock" - Farr 58' CC sloop, 2009 - 15/09/16.
"Grazie della tua disponibilitÓ, professionalitÓ e simpatia. Voy a aprovechar seguramente de tu oferta y te voy a consultar (espero no muy frecuentemente) durante los primeros tiempos de navegaci˛n. Muchas gracias nuevamente, and... arrivederci!! "
- "Wildcat" - Morgan 44' CC cutter, 1988 - 15/05/17
"Thanks for your prompt report - that is very thorough, helpful, clear and detailed with some very sensible and practical advice. I have commissioned several surveys over the years and yours is definitely one of the most informative."
- "Two Fast" - Jeanneau 3200, 2014 - 06/09/17